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Independent filmmaker and spoken word artist Alayna Jennings is a Salt Lake City native. In 2018, she formed a non-profit production company, Dream Sidedways Productions, with a focus on social awareness. Her work combines the artistry of poetry, choreography, and film to address critical social issues and affect authentic change. 

Her directorial debut Unremedied attacks the dangers of indifference and ignorance towards a relevant societal epidemic, sexual harassment.

Alayna's up and coming second film Dignity focuses on the effects of domestic violence while striving to raise awareness and generate empowerment for survivors.

Her written works have been performed live throughout the country, and include topics such as equality, female empowerment, child abandonment, and embracing the power of activism.

Image by Keenan Reed

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Director, Writer, and Choreographer Alayna Jennings

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